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 20 Minutes From Forks

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two people walking on the grey foggy beach of Washington as they contemplate life


another image of the purplish line

  • For Twilight fans, First Beach, strewn with driftwood and known for surfable waves, is where Bella Swan first flirted with Jacob Black. From February through April, pods of gray whales pass through on their migration to Alaskan waters. Easy road-side access.
  • Rialto Beach, strewn with driftwood logs and wave-polished rocks, offers spectacular views of sunsets, surf, and approaching winter storms. Reachable by car.
  • Second Beach, reached by a short .6 mile hike, is a photographer's delight. Curious sea-stacks and tide pools, dazzling sunsets, and giant wave-tossed logs. "Take a deep breath. The beauty of this place just may leave you short of breath."
  • Third Beach requires a 1.2-mile trek down a forested trail, but hikers are rewarded with a mile-wide sweep of sand, driftwood, sea stacks and tide pools.

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