After the Storm . . .

After the Storm . . .

All that’s left of last week’s blizzard are a few glistening patches of snow, and a herd of deer. 

Leader of the Monterra GangApparently the storm weakened an old cedar,  and last night it fell onto the deer fencing that protects our gardens from the neighborhood herd of munchers.  I woke up this morning to eight deer helping themselves to a self-serve breakfast in the gardens.  The bald eagles were flying overhead, eyeballing the goings-on.

This afternoon we’ll get the fence repaired and try to herd them all out the gate (that should be fun).  In the meantime, we’ll enjoy our sweet intruders’ pleasant company, as we do every day in our acre of unprotected woods at the entrance to the BnB.

If you love nature and wildlife, a visit to Olympic National Park is for you, and a stay at Sea Cliff Gardens Bed & Breakfast is a must!  ~Bonnie

Breakfast IN (not AT) Sea Cliff Gardens

Breakfast IN (not AT) Sea Cliff GardensLeader of the Monterra Gang

 A Waterfront Garden Buffet

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