A Peaceful, Beautiful Hike Near Sea Cliff Gardens

A Peaceful, Beautiful Hike Near Sea Cliff Gardens

Yesterday I took a respite from bed & breakfast chores and hiked the Spruce Railroad trail, which skirts Lake Crescent.  What a beautiful September day! 

The trail, which is about 17 miles west of Port Angeles, meanders around the lake about 4 miles each way.  So I hiked half of it for a pleasant 4-mile round trip.  The trail is well maintained.  The path rises and falls in gentle slopes and valleys, almost always with the sparkling glacier-fed lake within view. 

Lake Crescent from the Spruce Railroad Trail

Spruce Railroad is the  trail less traveled, and I had the whole trail to myself.  It was a most peaceful and beautiful way to recharge the spirit.  ~Bonnie

Bridge over Devil's Punchbowl on Spruce Railroad Trail, Lake Crescent

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