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A Touch of Spring Whimsy in Our Port Angeles Gardens

With delicious temperatures in the mid-50’s, and blue skies beckoning, I’ve been spending every free moment in the gardens here at our bed and breakfast.  Half a dozen ornamental plum trees are in full display, and a couple of eager rhododendrons couldn’t help themselves; they had to celebrate the arrival of spring by throwing open their blossoms.  I figure it’s their way of laughing.  

The other day, when I saw a racoon ambling past,  I laughed too when I remembered our guests who had raised an orphaned infant racoon.  Carlos, they called him. 

One day, when Carlos was about a year-old, our guests returned home from shopping and found the rascal lying on their son’s bed.  Carlos was sound asleep, spread eagle.  What a cute little guy, right?  Right.  He was covered in Froot Loops, cheese, Legos, and a half-gallon of milk.  Apparently Carlos had learned how to use his cute little hands.  Every cupboard in the kitchen was open, and so was the refrigerator.   That’d be like having a puppy with fingers!

Hearing stories from our guests is an innkeeper’s delight.  Hope to hear your stories soon, too!  ~Bonnie

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