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The Eagles are Back!

January 21st, 2010
Bald Eagle

Bald Eagle perched in our yard

Opportunists that they are, during the autumn months our local eagles hang out wherever hordes of salmon are battling their way upstream. One favorite spot is near Port Angeles, on the way to Sol Duc Falls. Now that the salmon have either made it home or made it into the food chain, the eagles have come back home.

A magnificent pair of eagles is remodeling their nearby nest, and we often see them gliding through our yard, talons outstretched, clutching twigs and moss.

Last week, on the way to its nest, an eagle was again taunted by a gang of noisy crows (probably well deserved).  But in this ongoing feud, we’ve never seen a lone crow try to bully an eagle. Even crows know that would be just plain dumb.

We snapped this picture today from the dining room.  See that black spot at the top of the branches?  The one with the white head?  That’s clear evidence that we need to get a better camera.   ~Bonnie