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Bed & Breakfast & Blizzard!

November 22nd, 2010

Rarely does our waterfront BnB see snow, and almost never enough to measure with a stick, but today is different.  Someone in Sequim must’ve been wishing for a white Thanksgiving.  So far we have about 7″ of the white stuff covering our gardens, and I know there is an ocean out there–after all we do advertise spectacular oceanview rooms–but all I can see is a wall of gray and white. 

Rare Blizzard on the Strait of Juan de Fuca

Rare Blizzard on the Strait of Juan de Fuca

 The road to Hurricane Ridge is closed in this weather–which makes sense considering they get 36 feet of snow in a mild year (the record is 62 feet in one winter), but other beautiful spots on the Olympic Peninsula, like the Hoh Rain Forest, Cape Flattery, and Lake Crescent, are still accessible.

What a difference a week makes!  in mid-November, I was gardening in the sun, enjoying a delightful 50 degrees, wondering if all the talk about an upcoming “la nina” winter was balderdash.  I think not.  We might just get walloped as predicted.

Sea Cliff Gardens -- or Sea Cliff Ski Resort?

Sea Cliff Gardens -- or Sea Cliff Ski Resort?

Well, no matter.  Whether you’re coming from Seattle, Portland, or Port Angeles, Sea Cliff Gardens B&B (or BB&B if you tack “Blizzard” onto the end of it) is a breathtaking and romantic getaway, anytime of year. 

It’s the perfect spot to cozy up to the fireplace in your room with your lover, a bottle of wine, and a good book.

Happy Thanksgiving to all!  ~Bonnie