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Port Angeles & Sequim Bed and Breakfast
Oceanfront Lodging on Washington's Olympic Peninsula

We finally hit 70 degrees, so it’s official–summer has arrived on the Olympic Peninsula! 

Rhododendrons and lupine are fading, and now roses and daisies are in fine form.  Hummingbirds are happily buzzing about the columbine, quail have made a cozy nest in our oceanfront garden, eagles ride our capricious wind currents, and the fawns are simply precious. 

The front yard of this bed and breakfast, which we’ve dubbed “Deer Garden,” has been adopted as a nursery of sorts for the local deer.  The does drop off their fawns for a few hours, while they trot off to explore the neighborhood, which lies between Sequim and Port Angeles.  This is the first time we’ve seen this behavior, but we’re delighted that the does and their fawns feel safe in Deer Garden.  (Can you see the three fawns in the photo?  If you can’t find them, click on the photo to enlarge it; then hit the back button on your browser to return to the blog.)

Three fawns at Sea Cliff Gardens Bed & Breakfast

Some guests have asked us if the deer are our pets, and others have thought they were garden statues (until the deer turn their heads). 

Bed and Breakfast Garden Statue or Friendly Fawn?

One guest was treated to a parking lot surprise.  They didn’t want to startle the fawn, so they waited several minutes for the fawn to wander off and give them access to their car.

Sea Cliff Gardens Bed & Breakfast - Perfect for Nature Lovers!

Have a wonderful summer, and we hope to see you soon at our Port Angeles bed and breakfast!  ~Bonnie

Flora, Fauna, and Fawns

June 01st, 2010

Rhododendrons in bloom at Sea Cliff Gardens B&B

Woodland walking path at our bed and breakfast

Summer has been a bit slow arriving on the Olympic Peninsula, with a good bit of snow still present at Hurricane Ridge. Here near Sequim, though, the sun pokes out nearly every day. 

 The lupines and irises are bold and beautiful, the columbine are clematis are sunny, even when the weather isn’t.  Dozens of rhododendrons are making a showy display.  And our first fawn was born last week. 

The baby tried to stand on its wobbly little legs, but after a minute plopped down for a long nap.  Mom wandered off, following a trail of tasty dandelions, leaving the fawn for us to photograph.  After five days, mom and baby and doing well. Baby can run almost as fast as Mom now!   ~Bonnie

Newborn fawn at Sea Cliff Gardens B&B